Iran tung ra video được quay bởi chiếc RQ-170 Sentinel bị chế áp năm 2011.

13:5525/06/2019  |  DK -

When someone first sent me this video I was very skeptical. Then I took a closer look and became a lot less so. Let's go through it carefully. First, notice the very opening shots. You can see what appears to be the nose landing gear drop. It seems to drop toward the side of plane, just like the RQ-170's nose gear appears to do based on photos taken of the jet taxiing around Kandahar air base in Afghanistan. Just as interesting is the fact that the camera on this aircraft is positioned behind a rather complex nose landing gear assembly -- a layout that matches grainy Web images of the Sentinel that show what looks like a compartment that could contain a camera positioned on the bottom of the airplane, just behind the front landing gear. This unusual layout isn't shared by the U.S.'s most common attack drones; the MQ-1 Predator and MQ-9 Reaper. Unlike what we've seen of the RQ-170, both of those planes have sensor balls (yes, they're really called that) capable of rotating 360 degrees that hang just in front of their (rather primitive) nose landing gear.

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